Weekend Reset July 2022

Cheese danish and iced matcha latte on wooden table

This past weekend, I took time to relax and do things that I don’t get to do during the work week. It was nice to get outside of my comfort zone to try new activities, especially ones that have been on my list for a few months. You know that saying no risk, no reward? It applies. Sometimes it’s a bit uncomfortable to try new things, but I’ve found it’s always worth it in the end. So here’s your sign to try at least one new thing this weekend. Keep reading below to see how I recharged and relaxed over a few days.

Watch My Favorite TV Shows

I’m currently loving Selena+Chef on HBOMax, The Upshaws on Netflix and The Masked Singer on Hulu.

Gratitude Journal

I do a gratitude journal often, but it had been a few days since my last entry. So it felt nice to write about things I’m grateful for, things I’ve accomplished and what I’m looking forward to next.

Go to a Yard Sale

I have always wanted to go to a yard sale and I finally did it! There’s something about being outside in the early morning, searching through items and sometimes finding treasures that are absolutely perfect for your home. I found a lemon kitchen towel, a book and photo frame.

Visit a New Coffee Shop

There’s this coffee shop downtown that I’ve wanted to visit for months but haven’t made it a priority to go. Well I finally did, and I was very impressed. Not only was the shop aesthetically pleasing, but the food was absolutely delicious. I bought an iced matcha latte and a cheese danish.

Get Rid of Old Clothes

Nothing frees up space in your closet like getting rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore. I separated clothes into three piles: Sell, donate and toss. I tried my best to find a service in my area that accepts old textiles so that they can be recycled, but after months of searching, I had to throw them away since they weren’t acceptable for donation. For the clothes I sold, I shipped them off to ThredUp, one of my favorite online thrift shops, and am waiting to hear back from them. The clothes that I donated went to my church’s community outreach program.

Exercise with Friends

My new friend runs a weekly Sunday morning exercise group that she recently invited me to. I was so excited to go because, as I mentioned before, I love being up early in the morning and also love exercising. It was a really fun experience and I’m looking forward to participating regularly.

At-Home Spa Day

I ended my weekend with a spa day, which included washing and conditioning my hair, blow-dry and straightening, which is my weekly routine. I listened to Spa Meditation Radio and did a face mask. I also painted my nails and enjoyed a nice chilled glass of rose.

What activities do you do to relax and recharge over the weekend?


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