What I Wore in Washington, DC

Woman in pink and gold shirt with bow around neck
Pink and gold tulle top with white jeans

I took a trip to Washington DC in early June and got to explore so many historic landmarks, monuments and museums. I was very impressed with the nation’s capital and learned so much while I was there. From the National Museum of African American History & Culture, to the National Gallery or Art, the Lincoln Memorial and more. I could go on about how delicious the food was, how well laid out the city was for walking and how nice the people were. I love colonial architecture as well, so I loved seeing all the historic buildings in Downtown DC, Georgetown and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Since we knew we would be walking long distances the majority of each day, I wore white sneakers with each outfit. I switched to black pumas or sandals in the evenings. If you plan to uber to a nice restaurant, you could definitely get away with wearing heels or sandals. I also packed light, so I only brought one tan crossbody bag for the trip. It matched all of my outfits perfectly. I did my everyday makeup routine, which you can read about here, and wore a rain jacket when it was raining so I didn’t have to pack an umbrella.

Have you been to DC before, or are you planning to go one day in the future? Please let me know what you plan to wear!

Ivory lace top and denim shorts
Black ruffle sleeve top with dark blue denim jeans
Gingham inspired casual dress

*Note: All items are older or thrifted, so no links are available for these pieces. Let me know if you find anything similar!


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