Clothing Repair Day – Repair Clothes with Me June 2022

What’s better than getting new clothes? That’s a trick question. There is nothing better than buying new clothes! But fixing up clothes you already own and love is a close second! Sure it takes learning a new skill or putting in a little effort to clean or repair items, but believe me when I say it is worth it.

I bought this orange caftan during my honeymoon in 2016. It has since been beaten up and some of the rhinestones have fallen loose, so I decided to repair it so I can wear it this summer.

This blue caftan is also gorgeous and I get lots of compliments whenever I wear it. In my opinion, It’s not as well-made as the orange caftan is, which is perhaps why it only took one year for a hole to appear in one of the pockets.

These white shorts are really nice. I love the length and how much leg room I get, but the waist is way too big. I’m going to learn how to take in the waist, so wish me luck!

Finally, these two pairs of shoes are my most worn shoes since I wear them whenever I’m doing errands. The white sneakers need some TLC around the top, and the black Pumas need to be cleaned around the bottom perimeter.

What I used

I just used a needle and thread to repair the clothing items. I already had white and blue thread, but I did not have orange. Since I had some translucent thread left over from a previous project, I used that for the orange caftan.

For the shoes, I used an unused toothbrush that I got from the dentist a few months ago, along with dawn dish soap and water. I also used a magic eraser for the bottom edges of the Pumas and dusted baking soda on the fabric areas that were still dirty on the white New Balance sneakers. I placed both shoes outside to dry overnight.

The results

I easily stitched up the pocket on the blue caftan and started stitching the beads on the orange one. I’m halfway through that project and will update you all when I’m done!

I did not get to the white shorts yet, but I will update you on that project as well!

Both shoes were completely dry after a full 24 hours. All marks were removed and both pairs look brand new.

Have you made any clothing repairs lately, or do you have any garments that need repairs? Leave a comment below!

3 thoughts on “Clothing Repair Day – Repair Clothes with Me June 2022

  1. Everything looks great! I always try to fix clothes instead of getting rid of them too. It’s just such a waste to get rid of something you can just fix. Really love those shorts btw- so cute!


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