April 2022 Product Empties

Lotion bottle makeup brush and eyebrow pencil on wooden table

One of the best parts of reaching the end of your everyday products is the knowledge gained from the familiarity of using those products so much over time. Take my blush brush. I bought the Mac 116 brush when I was first getting into makeup when I was a teenager more than a decade ago. I used that brush in so many different hued powders over the years, and just this year, it started shedding really badly, leaving bristles on my face or in my product every time I used it. So it was time to say goodbye. And then the NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Espresso was pretty good. I enjoyed how pigmented it was, and the small pointed tip allowed you to control how much product was being applied to your brow. The hand lotion that I used was actually from a hotel! I used every last drop of this moisturizer with notes of white fig, olive, tuberose and lemon. It smelled so refreshing and made my hands feel so smooth each time.

Would I repurchase the items?

I would definitely repurchase the Mac 116 brush. It has a really great shape and applied blush to my face flawlessly. The NYX eyebrow pencil was great too! I would probably purchase it in a darker shade next time though, just so it would match my hair better. And the lotion was not for resale since it was a complimentary item from a hotel stay, but if they sold it, I would actually buy it because I liked the fragrance.

What I’m replacing the items with

Instead of going out and buying all new items, I actually had some items at home I needed to use first. So for the blush brush, I am replacing it with a brush I got as part of a Christmas gift set a few years ago. (Similar to this set). I also received a sweet almond scented hand cream as a gift this past Christmas, so I added that to my handbag as a replacement. Finally, for the brows, I am going to try to use this Mac eyeshadow in the color Brun that I bought two years ago. It might be too dark, but I’m going to try it out first before buying a new product.

What products did you love and use up in April?


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