Raiding My Mother’s Beauty Shelf

One of the perks of visiting my parents is rummaging through my mother’s beauty shelf. She always has so many new products and lets me try whatever I want. Most of the items I sampled this trip were skincare products, but I also tried a new perfume and eyebrow pomade. Keep reading for my reviews!

Versace Bright Crystal – This perfume smells really nice. It’s a fresh, floral smell and I’d definitely recommend wearing it as a daytime perfume. The Ulta website describes it as “a sparkling floral scent featuring notes of yuzu, rose and magnolia.” It’s nice and though I tried the sample, both the trial and the full size have beautiful packaging.

La Roche Posay Lipikar AP+M Triple Repair Body Moisturizing Cream – This lotion is very moisturizing. There isn’t a fragrance, but there’s almost a medical smell. It reminds me of Eucerin but not as thick. I like it, definitely when your skin is feeling very dry and brittle.

Fresh Rose Floral Toner – I love how this smells. It’s a very fragrant rose smell. Not too drying. (Similar here)

Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cleanser – This cleanser smells fresh and clean. It has a very gentle and creamy formula. It was a different consistency than I’m used to, most of the cleansers I use are gels. So this was fun to try a more creamy, yogurt-based formula.

Angiehaie Eyebrow Stamp Kit – This product is very easy to use, you just need to find your brow shape stencil. Mine is 16. It has a very intense color which takes some getting used to, but overall, I like it! I wasn’t able to link the same product, but it does seem to be available on Amazon!


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