Perfumes I’m Excited About Right Now

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The seasonal change is such an inspiration for trying new things. Perfume is on the shortlist of items to switch out for spring, opting for floral, fresh or even fruity scents. I prefer floral scents but was surprised by a few fragrance profiles I tested recently. Keep reading to see what perfumes I’m loving right now.

Delina by Parfums de Marly

Obsessed. I first found out about Delina from a few fashion bloggers that I follow, but I never see it in stores so never thought to look for it. I ordered a sample of the perfume and fell absolutely in love. This is hands down my current favorite perfume. It is a heavy floral perfume with notes of bergamot, Turkish rose and vanilla. It smells like getting hit in the face with a big whiff of rose/powder/vanilla fragrance, which I love. I purchased the travel spray sample from Microperfumes or you can buy the full size from Nordstrom.

J’adore Eau de Parfum

This perfume is really pleasant. I love the ad with Charlize Theron, so I was already familiar with the fragrance but I’d never smelled it before. The company recently redesigned the bottle, so it’s gotten a recent PR boost and I have to say it’s been quite effective (at least for me). J’adore is a floral fragrance with notes of ylang-ylang, Damascus rose and grass jasmine. It’s available for purchase at Ulta.

Burberry Her

I stumbled upon this perfume by accident. I wanted to find Burberry Brit because I wore that fragrance in college and haven’t worn it since. I was planning on having a little stroll down memory lane but found this instead. It was a happy surprise because it’s a really nice profile. Burberry Her is part of the gourmand family with notes of berries, jasmine and amber musk. You have to smell it for yourself because based on the description, I know I wouldn’t like it because I don’t lean toward fruity fragrances. But it smells like a grown woman but different from what most people are wearing. It’s nice, and it’s available for purchase at Ulta.

Eilish by Billie Eilish

Ummmmmmm you need this. I need this. I went into Ulta looking for a new eyeliner and foundation, but there was this captivating scent in the air and I figured it was just something the team sprayed for ambience. But when I got to the fragrance section, I was shocked when I opened the cap of Eilish and discovered this was what I was smelling. It is a very spicy, sultry fragrance. As a matter of fact, the bottle was completely empty, so I know many other people liked this fragrance as well. It’s part of the amber gourmand family and has notes of sugared petals 🤷🏽‍♀️, berries, soft spices, vanilla and more. Honestly, this is the next fragrance I’m buying. It’s available at Ulta.

Tory Burch

We know Tory Burch makes a gorgeous handbag, but did you know she had a fragrance? This perfume has a lighter profile and is part of the floral family. It has notes of grapefruit, peony and sandalwood. It has a clean yet flowery story. It’s available for purchase at Nordstrom.


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