New Beauty Purchases – March 2023

Flat lay of Conair flat iron, shoe insoles, hair spray bottle, nail polish and The Poppy by Olive and June

I picked up some new goodies this weekend and I am so excited to share them with you today. Some of these items I planned to get and others were just products that caught my eye as I was browsing down the aisle.

First, I picked up this Conair flat iron. I had it on my radar to look for a flat iron that had a lower temperature setting because I’ve been getting major heat damage and breakage due to excessive heat styling. So when I came across this flat iron with five different heat settings for only $20, it was an immediate buy. I haven’t used it yet, but I will keep you updated.

Right next to the flat iron was this Hairitage continuously spraying water bottle in this shiny gray color. I’ve only seen spray bottles like this online, so it was nice to have it available in store. I also liked the color and design.

Next, I picked up two nail items: Seche Vite top coat and The Poppy by Olive & June. I’ve used Seche Vite for years and it is my current favorite fast drying top coat. I’ve heard of The Poppy but never saw it in stores before. I’m looking forward to trying it out! It’s supposed to help you paint your nails with less mistakes at home.

Finally, I was looking for some shoe inserts. I bought this really cute pair of black and tan ballet flats but there is no padding in the bottom. I found these SofComfort shoe inserts that are actually designed for ballet flats and have a slim profile. I hope they help make the shoes more comfortable. Here’s hoping!


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