5 Ethical Jewelry Brands You Should Know About

One thing I love about the slow fashion movement is that it gives the items we choose to wear an even bigger purpose. Gold, white gold and precious stone jewelry have always been an area where individuals spend a lot of money and research in investing in long-lasting pieces. Now, the market has expanded to include sustainable jewelry, including accessories made with recycled gold, conflict-free diamonds, lab-created diamonds, ethical practices and more. Read below for a spotlight on five companies that say they are creating jewelry in a sustainable way.

BaYou with Love – I first heard about this brand a few years ago through a podcast and I am a big fan. Actress Nikki Reed founded this company with a goal of creating sustainable and ethical jewelry, including pieces from recycled gold from discarded technology and consciously sourced gems. I’m constantly checking their website and hope to own one (or several!) of their pieces one day.

White Space – This company was featured in a Vogue list of Black jewelry designers and out of the 41 companies featured, White/Space immediately drew me in. Khadijah Fulton, a Parsons School of Design graduate, has perfected the minimalist-yet-elegant style with each piece she creates, and I love their pearl and gold earrings. As if there was more to love, the company uses recycled gold and conflict-free stones in each hand-made design.

Atrio – So this company is a bit different than the rest of the brands featured on this list in that yes, the jewelry is all handmade, but their mission is to bring awareness about the theft and destruction of historic Portuguese tiles. Elizabeth Anjos creates these gorgeous blue and white tile earrings from clay, nestled into stainless steel hoops. The result is stunning. I literally want to buy everything in the shop. Each listing comes with a history lesson of the Portuguese tiles that inspired the design.

Noor Shamma – Geometric shapes in luxurious 18-karat solid gold, what’s not to love? Named after its creator, Noor Shamma is a jewelry brand that offers unique designs meant to last a lifetime, while also trying to help create a better future. New York-based Noor Shamma uses recycled and conflict-free metals, and are certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council. They also source their diamonds from countries that are in compliance with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

Ana Luisa – I came across this brand while watching a few sponsored videos from YouTubers that I’m subscribed to. I would say this is probably the more affordable jewelry line featured on this list, with pieces starting at around $39. I’ll be honest, that price range made me a little nervous about the quality, so I browsed through the site and found that some of the pieces are 14K gold over brass or cubic zirconia with stones like malachite or moonstone. But that being said, the designs are really pretty! These designs are definitely for the current-day trendy girl and even some pieces that look high-end, but on a budget. The company says its metals are recycled whenever possible, and their gemstones are transparently sourced.

Have you thought about purchasing from a sustainable jewelry company instead of a traditional store? Let me know in the comments below!

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