March 2022 Favorites

March 2022 Favorites Collage

I’ve tried a few new products this winter that have really upgraded my beauty routine. From a best-selling liquid foundation to a super hydrating lotion, I’m sharing my favorite hair, makeup and skincare products for March. Keep reading below to get all the details!

Nars Natural Radiant Longer Foundation

This Nars foundation has been highly recommended by beauty influencers for years, but I had never tried it for myself until December 2021. After trying this foundation and comparing it to others, I can understand the hype. It really is full coverage, but not too cakey. And you do get a bit of sheen but not too oily. I have combination skin and sometimes have to powder my T-zone with certain foundations. With this one, I don’t feel the need to do that because it really does just look like perfected skin. I highly recommend it. I wear shade Syracuse.

Beauty Bakerie Insta Bake 3-in-1 Concealer

I initially was drawn to this concealer after browsing the Ulta website and seeing the brand promoted for a sale that week. Well oh my goodness, this concealer is billed as a 3-in-1 product, but I was really surprised at how great of a product this is. I have been wearing this concealer to spot correct discoloration on my face and dark under eye circles, forgoing foundation on some days, and the color match is perfect. Maybe I’m just lucky on the color match, but it is such a time saver, helps me look put together, and helps my skin to breathe. I wear shade Creme Bru-slay.

Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs. OPI Nail Polish

This is an oldie but a goodie. I’ve had this OPI polish for well over a year, but after trying a few different beige/ivory colored nail polishes, this is my favorite so far. I do plan to continue finding other ivory polishes, but want to use up what I own first.

Cetaphil body lotion

This lotion from Cetaphil is super hydrating. I will say that it does leave a residue afterwords. I don’t want to say greasy/oily, but it’s definitely a layer of lotion residue left on the skin after applying. I personally like that because I have super dry skin, but if you think it might bother you, just be aware that does happen.

Satin Scrunchies

These satin-like scrunchies have been so great for my hair because when I want to put my hair up throughout the day, there are no snags on my strands. It causes way less breakage for my hair and I love that. I use these scrunchies from Amazon, but these are also similar.

What are some of your favorite hair, beauty and makeup products this month?


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