My New Nude Lipstick Combo

I have been on a search for a flattering nude lipstick for a few weeks now. From researching my skin undertone (warm), to reading beauty magazine recommendations, and even trying to track down Beyonce’s favorite lipstick combo, I think I have finally found a winning combination! After browsing a few brands, I decided to tryContinue reading “My New Nude Lipstick Combo”

Current Obsession: Puff Sleeve Dresses

Now that temperatures are getting warmer, I’m preparing my wardrobe to match. I’ve been eyeing a few new items to incorporate for spring, but the more I searched, the more I realized that I am so in love with puff sleeve dresses! The unique sleeves add drama to your look while also maintaining a charming,Continue reading “Current Obsession: Puff Sleeve Dresses”

March 2022 Favorites

I’ve tried a few new products this winter that have really upgraded my beauty routine. From a best-selling liquid foundation to a super hydrating lotion, I’m sharing my favorite hair, makeup and skincare products for March. Keep reading below to get all the details! Nars Natural Radiant Longer Foundation This Nars foundation has been highlyContinue reading “March 2022 Favorites”